Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund America is a nonprofit partnering with community colleges to accelerate the growth of technology startups through early-stage funding and education.


Flashstarts is a Cleveland-based business startup accelerator, consultancy and venture fund focused on unique and innovative uses of software and technology.

Drummond Road Capital

Micro VC, named Top 50 Seed investors by CBInsights. Drummond Road looks for entreprenuers that combine big, game changing ideas with the tenacity and committment necessary to turn those ideas into profitable reality.

North Coast Angel Fund

At North Coast Angel Fund our mission is to accelerate technology startup success and improve the state of early-stage funding in Ohio. By bringing increased discipline, structure, and effectiveness to the region’s angel investing community, we seek to create a more accessible and flexible capital environment in which the region’s best and brightest entrepreneurs can prosper.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations

Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), the commercialization arm of Cleveland Clinic, turns medical breakthrough inventions of our caregivers into patient-benefiting medical products and companies. Cleveland Clinic inventions are born out of a renowned innovative culture in which critical mass is deployed to continually advance patient care. CCI uses a unique approach to assess, protect, build, test and market the most promising ideas of our 51,000+ caregivers.


We deploy pre-seed and seed venture capital to help entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into high-growth companies.

We invest in people. We look for entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence in all that they do, have skin in the game and the ambition to grow aggressively.

Our commitment to diversity isn’t a tagline. We aim to support diverse entrepreneurs to help us build a stronger portfolio and community in Northeast Ohio.

Valley Growth Ventures

Mutual Capital Partners

At Mutual Capital Partners, we are helping innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment is more than just financial; we become partners and lend our full support behind our portfolio companies' efforts to move their company forward. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.