StartInCLE is developing a brand to promote regional pride by companies and products created in the NEO area.  Included in this effort are:

  • A tagline ("Made in Cleveland" or similar)

  • A simple mark or logo graphic to use on your website

  • A directory on the StartInCLE website to promote participating companies/products

In the spirit of #givefirst - the logo and assets are free to use by everyone in the area.  You are not required to be a involved with StartInCLE, or to be listed in the StartInCLE directory.  We are leading the effort to create them, but we want them to be created by, and for, the whole community.

We would really appreciate your input in this brief, one-page survey:

This is an outline of how we are developing the logo and brand, and when the various steps will take place.

Week 1-2 - Info page, distribute survey

Week 3 - Engage designer, set up initial directory, compile public input

Week 4-5 - Initial designs

Week 6 - Public survey for design feedback

Week 7 - Select design, produce final logo assets

Week 8 - Logo assets available, encourage community use


Update 4/26:  We completed the public brand survey for the "Made In Cleveland" effort, and received great feedback on the project.  People love Cleveland and are proud to make things here.  A summary of the survey results is posted HERE.  

Of the taglines proposed, there was clear support for "Cleveland Built" (72%).  The next two most popular were "Made in CLE" (39%) and "Made in Cleveland" (33%).

We are currently working with a local designer to incorporate the survey feedback and most popular tagline into a few logo options.  We'll be sharing those logo options with the community in the next 1-2 weeks, for feedback.  At the end of that period, we'll announce the final logo and make the logo graphics files available for everyone in the community to use.  

As a reminder, this effort is for the entire community.  You do not need to be involved with StartInCLE, and you don't need to be in the tech business.  If you are making things in the Cleveland area, this is for you.  Feel free to reach out to Corey Snipes, Greg Svitak, Ed Buchholz, or anyone at StartInCLE with questions or comments.  Thanks Cleveland!