Founders First

In all instances, founders and founder interests come first.

Founder Led

A startup community must be led by founders. Only the entrepreneurs themselves (whether current, between projects, or lapsed) know what other founders are going through. Yes, they’re usually too busy to bring much to the table, but that’s where the power of network comes into play.

Impartial and Inclusive

No one is better than anyone else. Include all that want to participate. Utilize objective merit when prioritizing but embrace outliers and weirdness. You never know what will be the break out / black swan.

Give First

It’s not just a Techstars thing (, giving without expectation of reciprocation is key to raising the tide for all of us. Volunteering time, advice, mentoring, and connections all help others but also build relationships for the future that make an altruistic cycle possible.

Honest and Authentic

Do what you say you will and give honest and direct feedback. Blowing smoke is never appreciated and does more harm than good. Promise an intro? Do it. Schedule a meeting? Show up.