Boost Awareness

One of the key areas of weakness among the Cleveland entrepreneurial ecosystem is awareness. Internally, many founders and ecosystem enthusiasts are unaware of each other leading to missed opportunities and competitive relationships. Externally, corporate leaders, other startup ecosystems, and the public are unclear about the ecosystem members and how they may be able to help or take advantage of it.

Tools to boost internal awareness:

  • Company Showcase Events

  • Pitch Nights

  • Company Directory

  • Enthusiast Directory

  • Company Profiles

  • Enthusiast Profiles

  • Profile Podcast

Tools to boost external awareness:

  • Company Showcase Events

  • Road Show Events (SXSW, Disrupt, Launch, FounderCon)

  • Press Outreach


Build Community

Additionally, we need to build a stronger sense of community among ecosystem members and facilitate tighter and more trusting relationships. Spread out geography and competitive sentiment make the ecosystem weak and require effort to build over time.

Tools to boost community:

  • Facebook/Email/Slack Comms

  • Recurring Coffee Meetings

  • Founder Only Dinners

  • Member and Leader Office Hours

  • Support Groups

  • Social Nights



Finally, a major component of making our ecosystem a success is to ensure that all parties have the same baseline of information and lexicon for discussion.

Founder Education:

  • Capital Fundraising

  • Technical Basics

  • Sales Basics

  • Finding a Technical Cofounder / Finding a Business Cofounder

  • Startup Legal

  • Startup Finance

  • Pitch Basics

  • Care and Feeding of Your Entrepreneur

Potential / New Investor Education:

  • Deal Structure Best Practices

  • Due Diligence Best Practices

  • Valuation Trends

Public / Wantrepreneur Education:

  • First Steps

  • How to Support Startups

  • Buying from Startups